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Getting building sanction plans and completion certificates in Delhi will get simpler. A draft for the ‘simplification of unified building by-laws for Delhi’, prepared by the Delhi Urban Art Commission, has been put in the public domain for objections and suggestions till November 17.

The unified building by-laws will be more comprehensive, clear to understand and easy to follow for both building owners and local bodies or authorities that sanction building plans.

Building by-laws, which contain guidelines for the construction of buildings in Delhi, first came into force in 1983, but has seen many modifications and amendments over the years. Getting a sanction plan or completion certificate for a new building or alteration of an existing one is a long drawn and arduous process. The simplified building by-laws aim to simplify the procedure.

The draft has grouped together and simplified building bylaws and development control regulations for Delhi. Certain new provisions have been added to cut down the delay for sanctioning and issue of certificate.

The Union Urban Development Ministry had asked for simplified building by-laws for Delhi and for them to be put in the public domain first. A committee was formed to study the draft by-laws, which will vet the suggestions received and then send the final draft to the ministry for notification.

Apart from guidelines for constructing a building, such as Floor Area Ratio, setbacks, parking norms, etc. the draft also includes new provisions for construction of energy efficient green buildings, water harvesting etc. There are also plans to provide incentive in the form of extra floor area ratio for buildings where energy saving techniques have been adopted.

There are also plans to allow creative design in building construction, which is not hampered or restricted by the guidelines. Other provisions included in the draft also include accessibility for the disabled, regulations for conservation applicable in the vicinity of national monuments, green building concept, measures for mitigating disasters etc. The study has been conducted by the Delhi Urban Art Commission.

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