DLF Proposes To Revise “The Camellias” Building Plans that Were Revised Earlier …

November 16, 2014 - Uncategorized

As the DLF Public Notice in Times of India (Nov 04, 2014) says,

 and whereas the revised building plans approved earlier for the said Group Housing Scheme are now proposed to be revised again ….

It is interesting to note that the DLF “Super Luxury Estate” project that was launched in 2013 is based on licences issued in 1995, 1996, and 2003! Ten years ago.  The building plans were approved in 2013. And the revised building plans are notw sought to be revised …. again …
And also note that the Marketing Mantra of DLF 5, is now official and DLF City Phase V is now to be referred as DLF 5 only.

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