Workers Allege Company Has Not Paid Dues For CWG Work – Sunday Guardian – 16-Nov-2014

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A group of workers have alleged non-payment of dues by construction company Emaar-MGF for work they did during the Commonwealth Games held in the national capital in 2010.

“The company has not paid our wages from 01.03.2010 to 30.09.2011. We have worked as carpenters in connection with the Commonwealth Games held in Delhi in 2010. Our dues with the company stand at Rs 39 lakhs,” alleged Chetan Sharma, their contractor.

Sharma alleged that Emaar-MGF first outsourced the work to Punjab-based M/s A&A. “However, they later started to deal with me directly and told me that they would make the payment for the work done by the 32 workers. But they went back on their word,” he claimed.

An official spokesperson for Emaar-MGF said that “There is no privity of contract between Emaar MGF Construction Pvt. Ltd(Company) and Chetan Sharma. He had earlier filed a claim against the Company and A&A Modular System under Minimum Wages Act 1948 before Regional Labour Commissioner (Central) claiming himself to have been engaged by A&A Modular System. The said claim was dismissed. On similar grounds he has again filed a claim before the same authority where we have represented that the claim is barred as the issues stand decided. He seems to be making false claims against the Company with the sole motive of extracting money.”

A Delhi court ruled against the company when it filed a case against the workers in order to restrain them from protewting outside its office in New Delhi in January.

Since 27 October, Sharma, along with some other workers, has been sitting outside the office premises of the company.

Sharma alleged that another 31 workers with due worth a similar amount were not paid by Emaar-MGF and said their cases would also be soon taken up.

An official of A&A Modular System said that they had settled all dues with the workers and that Sharma was not exclusively employed by the company.

“I am in a very bad situation and facing penury. My wife and children have left me. Even the workers get annoyed with me at times. If not paid the dues soon, I will be ruined,” Sharma rued.


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