Blame Game Starts As Demolition Drive Fails – Times of India – 29-Nov-2014

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The MCG called off a demolition drive in the 900-metre IAF restricted zone on Friday after the police department allegedly pulled out of the drive at the 11th hour, citing lack of manpower to provide the required backup for the ‘sensitive’ area after the arrest of Baba Rampal.

The MCG had planned the demolition drive after being reprimanded by the high court for failing to stop illegal construction in the area. “During the last court hearing on November 25, the MCG had submitted a list of 69 fresh illegal constructions found in the 900 metre area in the past one month alone. The court then ordered the demolition, which is why we sought police protection which was denied to us,” said a senior MCG official.

“Cops said their force was already restricted and some of them were busy with the Rampal arrest. They also said the west district area is very sensitive and such operations have to be undertaken with lot of caution,” he added.

However, new police commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk denied calling off the drive . “No communication has been shared with the MCG that we will not be able to provide police protection. However, it is true that it is a sensitive area and a sensitive case which is being monitored by the high court. We have in the past provided them over 500 policemen and we have always supported them in such drives,” he said.


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