Govt Reaches Out To Congress For Ending Land Bill Impasse – Hindustan Times – 29-Nov-2014

December 3, 2014 - Uncategorized

The Congress is said to have reservations against any dilution of the legislation for private sector but is agreeable to consider any changes that would expedite projects for public good like infrastructure projects, hospitals, affordable housing projects, et al.

While in the existing land bill, consent of 80% of the affected parties has to be taken, the government proposed to reduce it to 50%.

The government also impressed upon the Opposition, the need to hasten the process citing the need for land acquisition to develop the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, according to sources privy to discussions between the two sides.

The Congress has formed an internal committee comprising former Union ministers Anand Sharma, Jairam Ramesh and KV Thomas to mull over the government’s proposal.

After the Congress conveys its stance to the government, the latter is likely to hold an all-party meeting to reach a consensus. Congress sources clarified the government has come up with only broad contours and no specifics.


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