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The women of a premium condominium in the city have taken the security of the society in their own hands. Residents of Ambience Lagoon apartments haven been standing guard at the society’s main gate for nine days now, in four hour shifts each.

“We are deploying at least two women at any given point of time round-the-clock to make sure that no one from the developer’s side takes control of our security arrangements again, which we took over on November 22 after a wait of more than a decade,” said Poonam Lal, a resident who is leading the ‘security’ team at the condominium near Delhi-Gurgaon border.

These women, along with security personnel who have been hired by the residents, man the gates to prevent the developer’s security guards from gaining entry to the complex. “Women have led the charge. We have not asked them to stand there,” said Colonel SC Talwar, (retired) a resident.

The new arrangement has been in place since November 22 when guards were rushed from an adjoining mall immediately after the security personnel contracted by the developer had gone on strike. However, residents did not allow the developer’s replacement security guards inside the premises, taking over security arrangement themselves.

The developer, Raj Singh Gehlot, had also visited the complex to hammer out a deal on November 23 with the residents but the latter rejected all his offers leading to a stalemate situation.

The developer wanted to put an RWA, Lagoon Residents Apartments Complex Association, in charge of maintenance operations as it was named in the deed of declaration. However, residents allege that that this RWA was floated at the behest of the developer with only a handful of members.

Sarvadaman Oberoi, a legal consultant who advised residents of the society, said, “It doesn’t matter which RWA is registered in the deed of declaration and it has already been challenged in the court. Moreover, the RWA that has the majority of members is authorized to run the maintenance. The ALARWA has 225 members out of 345 households. They can call a general body meting and prove their majority.”


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