AAI Pulled Up For Easing Building Height Norms Around Airports – The Economic Times – 4-Dec-2014

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The civil aviation ministry has asked theAirports Authority of India (AAI) to explain why it allowed relaxation of norms on height of buildings and structures coming up in and around airports or in the glide path of an aircraft. It has also asked AAI to review the criteria for approving height after aeronautical studies and subsequent grant of no-objection certificate (NOC) to high-rise buildings near airports.

On November 7, civil aviation secretary V Somasundaran directed AAI to furnish details of height violations at all airports in the country, including “the percentage of cases where substantial deviations have been allowed and substantial violations taken place”.

“AAI will clarify as to how the deviation from ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organization) standards in outer horizontal surface has been done. AAI will also clarify whether the deviations in this regard have been filed with ICAO or not,” said the official note, a copy of which was seen by ET.

The ministry has also directed AAI to furnish details regarding percentage of cases in which the height norm was violated after aeronautical studies. “In case significant numbers of applicants have been granted higher height after aeronautical studies, then AAI may review the present standards for grant of NOC,” the note said.

Further, limiting the role of the Appellate Committee for Height Clearance, the ministry said, “The committee shall only entertain grievance, if any, in the matter and only review the cases where due clearance has been denied by AAI, or where there is any dispute of sanction of less height as per the existing rules/regulations. Cases related to grant of higher heights beyond the rules shall not be entertained by the Appellate Committee.”

The Appellate Committee hears cases related to height clearance to buildings coming up in and around airports. Applicants who are not satisfied with the decision of the regional office of AAI, which approves the height of buildings, masts, chimneys and transmission lines, are allowed to approach the committee for an increase in the height approved or to seek fresh aeronautical studies.


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