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Flats offered in DDA’s latest housing scheme are ‘available’ once again, now through online classifieds. This, despite DDA withholding ownership rights to its 2014 housing scheme apartments, making sale and purchase of these flats illegal for the next five years.
However, those who came out lucky in the recently-conducted housing draw aren’t really offering the flats but legal rights to them through general power of attorney (GPA) via underhand deals. The number of such flats put on online classifieds websites could be an indicator of the general dissatisfaction with the state or location of the flats. However, some in DDA say that the classified advertisements should be seen as an indicator of how much the flats are still in demand.
“There could be speculators who participated in the auction, looking to buy flats from an investment point of view. They are now selling the flats to make a quick buck. But I think the ads could also be seen as a testimony to the demand which provokes this black-marketeering,” said a DDA official on condition of anonymity.
“I want to sell DDA flat in Rohini sector 34 @ 5 lacs premium If interested Please contact xyz [sic],” says one advertisement on a popular classifieds website. DDA had offered one-room LIG flats for about Rs 18 lakh in this area.
However, such advertisements don’t remain for long. Perhaps scared of being charged with the offence of striking illegal deals for flats whose ownership rights they don’t have, the ‘sellers’ tend to post and remove these advertisements within hours. Most such deals are happening offline through property dealers, sources, however, said.
DDA advises the people against entering such deals. “DDA will hand over possession only to the original allottees after the five-year lock-in period. If any transaction takes place during the intervening period that will be totally illegal,” Neemo Dhar, spokesperson, DDA, said.


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