Forbes India: PMO asks Haryana to probe complaints against Raheja Developers

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UPFRONT/SPECIAL | Dec 19, 2014 | 1045 views
Dear All,
Winds of change are in the air, and the answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind. 
A small step by aggrieved Raheja buyers, but a giant leap for all buyers suffering at the hands of robber-baron builders. The Prime Minister's Office has asked for a report from the Chief Secretary of Haryana on the complaint of buyers of Raheja Atharva. And the issues raised in the complaint of these buyers are germane to the buyers in almost all private builders …. and are the core reason why the excesses by these unethical builders have cause a loss of faith & trust in the sector, and consequent collapse of the real estate market. The impact is huge as real estate contributes almost 6% to the GDP of Indian Economy. So, if in your business or job you start feeling pain in the coming months, you can blame it to no small measure to these errant and rogue builders …..
Buyers from other Raheja projects are also rising, and this may be the second wave buyer activism, after the one in the DLF CCI case. The issues are grave, and the stakes very high. And the most important is that the compensation that the builder pays for delaying the project should be commensurate with the penalty they charge when buyers delay their payments. This is basic law, and natural justice. 
The GM of Corporate Communications of Raheja Developers, Ms Dimple Bhardwaj, has been commenting on these issues using the handle @ranisantosh77 at the following pages. Please weigh in the discussion if you can.
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UPFRONT/SPECIAL | Dec 19, 2014 | 1045 views

PMO asks Haryana to probe complaints against Raheja Developers

Flatowners move office against irregularities in Gurgaon housing project
PMO asks Haryana to probe complaints against Raheja Developers


he Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has issued a letter to the Haryana chief secretary to look into complaints against a Raheja Developer's housing project in Gurgaon. A group of flatowners had moved the PMO alleging irregularities in the Atharva project on the Delhi-Gurgaon border. This comes close on the heels of a lawsuit filed by 43 flatowners in the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, obtaining a stay order against the cancellation of flat allotment.  

Wing Commander Alok Verma, to whom a copy of the letter was sent, is one of the complainants. He alleged that the builders have received occupancy certificate from the Haryana government without providing for water or electricity. “Mr Raheja (Navin Raheja, chairman and managing director of Raheja Developers) launched the Atharva project in 2007-08. Buyers have paid 90 percent of their installments to the builder only to realise that there is no water or electricity provision in Atharva,” said Verma. 

“Raheja is now asking us to pay the remaining installment and has threatened to cancel our flat allotment if we don’t pay up,” he added. “But why should we pay the rest of the amount when there is no basic infrastructure in the project?”  

The flatowners who moved the National Consumer Redressal Commission have also asked Raheja Developers to compensate them for a three-year delay in the project. “Atharva was to be delivered in 2011 but we got possession in 2014. Our agreement with the developer says they should pay us compensation at the rate of Rs 7 per sq ft per month,” says Verma. He and his co-complainants are now demanding compensation at an interest rate of 18 percent per annum, the rate at which Raheja charges from buyers for any delay in payment.  

The company seems to be headed for more trouble as a group of 100 buyers of the Vedaanta project have sent it a legal notice complaining against a three-year delay and non-payment of compensation. About 50 buyers of the Navodaya project are preparing to file a case against the group as well. “We will file a case in the second week of January in the national consumer commission asking for the developer to pay compensation at the rate of 18 per cent per annum,” says Ajit Kumar Jha, a buyer. “The project was to be delivered within 36 months of its launch in July 2007, but we haven’t yet got our flat allotment. We have all taken loans to buy flats so we want the builder to pay us compensation for the delay.”

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  1. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Raheja Ayana in Sector 79 is another new project being launched by Raheja Developers, despite the builder Navin Raheja not being able to deliver on projects launched over 7 years ago. You can see Raheja Developers advertising it at

    Raheja Ayana is yet another projects in which Raheja brokers are misleading the buyers. They are not disclosing the big problems in Raheja projects including lawsuits in Raheja Atharva, legal notice in Raheja Vedaanta sent by over 100 buyers, or the PMO investigation, or the complaints to the haryana Chief Minister, and the High Commissions of Australia etc.

    Please record the conversations of these brokers who are misleading buyers and telling false things about Rahejas to trap buyers. They are hiding all the problems, cheating, fraud, and legal cases of Raheja Developers from the buyers. Each broker is looking to make Rs 2 to 3 lakhs per booking that he submits, and seem to have sold their souls to the devil. The absence of a real estate regulator and their greed has made them blind to the various issues with Raheja Developers, and it is high time that these brokers who are mis-selling this project Raheja Ayana be reported to the authorities. In case you have information to share, please email to Qubrex@gmail,com

    A quick search on Google for “Raheja Ayana” will reveal all the brokers selling this project.

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