HUDA Chief Assures RWAs Of Swift Redress – Times of India – 11-Dec-2014

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HUDA administrator Anita Yadav on Wednesday assured all RWAs of swift redress of their grievances.

According to a statement released by HUDA, grievances of all residents’ welfare associations will be sent to officials concerned and will be redressed within 15 days. Besides, HUDA will meet one RWA every fortnight to review issues pertaining to its sector. “The aim is to tackle grievances in a time-bound manner. RWA representatives can either submit their grievances/demands in writing to our office or send us by email to We will ensure that the department concerned reverts to them in 15 days so that issues are resolved at the earliest,” Yadav told TOI.

When asked about the areas that fall under the jurisdiction of developers, she said, “RWAs in colonizers’ areas can also reach us. We will connect them to the STP (senior town planner) for immediate redress of their issues.”

An upbeat Ramesh Vashisht of the Sector 15 (Part I) RWA said, “We met HUDA administrator and raised the issue of poor construction material used in road repair in our area.”

Sudhir Sachdeva, of Sushant Lok I RWA, however, feels that meetings do not make a big difference. “The former DC had also introduced a similar model. We have had multiple meetings with all authorities but are still facing similar issues. The administration needs to visit the areas to know the ground reality.”

Some RWAs criticized HUDA for not informing them about the move.


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