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Not all whose name appeared in DDA’s housing scheme draw consider themselves lucky. Many who opted for the single-bedroom flats now say the houses aren’t big enough to even accommodate a bed. Some allottees are planning to surrender their flats.

A comparison of the sizes of one-bedroom flats offered in various housing schemes shows how small they have become. In 2008, Rohini Sector 28 was given most of the one-bedroom flats—1,640. Their plinth area is between 45.39 and 47.66 square metres.

In 2010, Rohini’s sectors 28 and 29 were allotted 4,260 one-bedroom flats with plinth area of 42-29 square metres. In the latest scheme 10,875 flats, which is nearly one half of the total number, are in Rohini’s sectors 34 and 35. Their plinth area is 33.29 to 33.85 square metres.

Most of the freshly built flats offered in this scheme in Rohini and Dwarka (2,360 flats) are built for EWS (Economically Weaker Section) applicants, sources say. Officials say they had clearly mentioned the size of the flats on their brochures. But applicants don’t agree.

“We have grown old looking at DDA’s LIG flats; sometimes we’ve lived on rent in some. We obviously have an idea in mind as to how big or small they would be. These places aren’t big enough to accommodate even one double bed,” said Shailendra who was allotted a flat in Dwarka.

Vinay, who was allotted a flat in Rohini’s C14 block, described seeing an old man who’d travelled all the way from Vishakhapatnam break down upon looking at the flat. “He, like me, was allotted a flat in the complex and both of us were quite disappointed. He started crying in front of me. All the people I spoke to are also thinking of surrendering their flats,” he said.

Allegations of passing EWS flats as LIG ones and selling them for greater profit were levelled at DDA earlier in the year. DDA has maintained it had been expecting a subsidy for the construction of these flats which it never received. So it decided to install features like ceramic tile flooring, oil paint distemper, etc., and sell the flats at a higher cost.


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