All Property In Haryana To Be Registered Online By March – Hindustan Times – 15-Dec-2014

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Haryana is set for e-stamping and online registration of properties, Finance Minister Abhimanyu said on Sunday.

The state government has set the target of making registration of properties online in the entire state by March 31, 2015, a statement quoting the minister said here.

“Efforts are being made to change the system of stamp duty charged on registries to e-stamping,” he said.

Abhimanyu said the decision to make registries online had been taken by the state government to check corruption in tehsils.

It has been decided to start work on online registries in Rohtak tehsil on a trial basis from December 15, he said.

He asked all officers involved in the registry work to have proper knowledge of the software made for online registries to ensure that the new system is implemented properly.


Hindustan Times

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