DDA To Regularise ‘Chullah’ Tax Homes – The Indian Express – 18-Dec-2014

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Gearing up for upcoming polls, BJP leaders are taking up issues, like the regularisation of those paying ‘chullah tax’, which they claimed the Congress had failed to address during its 15-year tenure.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has decided that the rate of Rs 575 per square metre, as fixed for unauthorised colonies in 2008, should be updated with the DDA’s prescribed rate of interest till November 2014 for the original chullah tax payers and their descendants and those who brought land from these parties.

The land agency said the existing occupation will be regularised on a “as is where is basis”.

The five villages that will benefit from the decision are Nagali Razapur, Todapur, Dashghara, Jhilmil Tahirpur and Arakpur Bagh Mochi.

When the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in 1911, the British decided not to acquire the land of certain villages and let the residents continue to live there. In return, they collected the chullah tax once a month. Depending on the number of chullahs in a household, every family paid one anna per chullah.


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