Let Lutyens Bungalows Have Basements, Can Be Used As Bomb Shelters: MPs – The Indian Express – 19-Dec-2014

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A parliamentary standing committee on urban development has recommended that bungalows in Delhi’s Lutyens Zone be revamped and permission be given to construct basements, which can also be used as “bomb shelters.” The panel also wants the floor  area ratio (FAR) in the zone to be raised and permission given for building a first floor.

MPs from across party lines requested the government to allow the construction of basements so that they could also run fitness centres from the space. The standing committee, headed by BJD MP Pinaki Mishra, also said most of the houses in Lutyens Delhi need to be revamped as CPWD has identified about 800 buildings as most hazardous in LBZ area.

“The LBZ notification (1988) did not prohibit basements outright — it restricted their construction until a final decision could  be taken. No decision has since been taken,” the committee said.

“It is indisputable that basements do not affect the building’s facade. Therefore, the development control regulations for these precincts be framed to have basements as they are usually required by families for use as garage, utility room and a fitness centre… Floor area ratio in the LBZ is (also) very limited compared to rest of the city. In case of any eventuality, it can also be used as bomb shelter,” it said.

The committee also batted for increase in FAR in the zone. “The FAR may also be increased to 33 per cent to allow the first floor to be constructed.”


The Indian Express

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